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Question: Why am I not receiving SMS score updates after creating my account and completing my profile at ScoreTRAX?

Answer: There are several possibilities:

1. Not all cell phone plans include text messaging. Consult your service provider to find out what your plan includes.

2. Not all cell phone carriers and plans allow group messaging services. Consult your service provider to find out what your plan will allow.

3. Your team of interest may not be submitting the score updates.

4. Some cell carriers may not deliver text messages if the subscriber account is not current.

5. The proper cell carrier may not be selected in your profile. Login to your profile using your user name and password to verify the selection.


Question: How do I unsubscribe to the SMS score update service?

Answer: Login to your account and click the red "x" next to each team or game subscription in your profile that you want to cancel. If there are no teams or games in your subscription queue you will receive no further updates. Alternatively, email us at with your cell number and indication that you want to cancel your subscription and we will delete your account.


Question: Why are my SMS score updates missing, delayed, or out of sequence?

Answer: ScoreTRAX submits the score updates for distribution immediately upon their entry. However, timely distribution relies on the cell carrier networks. The cell user must have a signal for the message to be received, and the cell carrier network must attempt delivery as the score updates are submitted. Some carriers may also block two-part SMS messages or those with hyperlinks beyond a certain length. Additionally, if a message cannot be delivered for any reason, the cell carriers each use different protocols and intervals to try to redeliver those messages. Depending upon the quality of coverage in your area, a delayed or missed message may occasionally be experienced. If you experience this as a consistent problem, please contact or your cell carrier.


Question: I have downloaded the ScoreTRAX admin app but I do not have the code I am asked to input.

Answer: The ScoreTRAX admin app is free to download and use to distribute scores to your subscriber base, but the LED scorer's table display functions require an additional code to unlock. This code can be obtained from ScoreTRAX or AthleticsPro with the purchase of the scorer's table app.

The app can be downloaded here: ScoreTRAX Scorers Table/Admin App


Question: My LED panel on my scorer's table goes black after a few minutes of running:

Answer: Adjust your iOS settings as follows: 1. Go to General - Settings - Display & Brightness - Auto Lock and set to “Never”. 2. Go to Settings - Battery - Low Power Mode and turn switch to off position.


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