Coaches & Media Agents

Coaches, sports entrepreneurs, & media agents, are you looking for a new business opportunity? For no upfront costs or license fees, you are able to own and run your own sports media business! You use the ScoreTRAX software core to manage your content and subscriber base and to configure your own advertising. You set the ad rates for your local sponsors keep all net revenues. ScoreTRAX simply captures a small ad set up fee. There is no long-term obligation.   You can even earn commissions selling our integrated LED scorer's table solution and app.  Your revenue opportunities include:

  • High-value SMS advertising to an opted-in audience
  • Sponsored ads courtside on our LED scorer's tables
  • On-line ad banners on sports tickers for your area teams

Use your existing contact base to get started.   You can even simply use ScoreTRAX to generate revenue for your school or team.   You can offer a great service in your area, while making money and having fun doing it.

Getting your game content into ScoreTRAX is simple. ScoreTRAX provides a host of mobile device-friendly templates for various sports and events that make data entry easy.  Data can be put in easily from any smart phone device with minimal keyboard entry using the web portal or our iPhone/iPad application.   Click here to request your team or independent agent admin account

Available now!  ScoreTRAX has released its new LED scorer's table and app.  You can manage a live scoreboard complete with game timer, shot clock, score, period indicator, home and visiting team graphics, and possession indicator.  You can rotate static and video ads on the board and inititate live score updates to your content subscribers.  Teams and schools now have even more tools to monetize their content in their venues and beyond!

Teams and schools in your network can even use the system to schedule or send SMS messages to all of their subscribers. Messages can be configured to automatically post to Facebook or Twitter accounts, providing a "one stop shop" for managing all communications, including social media.  

ScoreTRAX affiliates get all of the tools to easily create score casters and team administrators, schedule games, and manage advertising content.   (Your revenue is generated through ads sold to local sponsors that trail your score update content!)   You keep ALL net ad revenue.  We even direct all advertising requests in your region directly to you!  

There is no complicated set up or management. Getting started is as simple as reserving your market at